TV: Élite – Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe

Premiered: December 15, 2021

On: Netflix

Starring: Georgina Amorós, Pol Granch, Àlex Monner, Celia Sastre, Ryan Shrime & Josito Peña

Repeating what Élite did between seasons three and four, short stories are introduced to tie together storylines before the start of season five. The first focuses Phillipe (Pol Granch) and Caye (Georgina Amorós) after their relationship disaster.

While donating clothes, Caye meets volunteer Felipe (Àlex Monner) who is a breath of fresh air to her after negative relationship with Prince Phillipe. As the two begin bonding, Phillipe shows back up to ask Caye for forgiveness.

Although Caye was introduced as one of the craziest Élite characters, which is a feat, it’s nice to see her more humbled and finding a good path in this set of short stories. Giving the new male character the same name but having the characters be so different allows Caye to really look at where she is.

Final say: Some holiday cheer. ★★★★☆

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