Do you feel like you have so much to read, watch and listen to, but you don’t have enough hours in the day? Me too. That’s why I created this blog. I figured instead of trying to read a million reviews that are all too long, people would want to read something short, sweet and to the point. I don’t want the technical aspects or to know if something is good based on what a producer would think. I want a quick read that will tell me if I’ll love it or hate it, if I’ll laugh or cry and if I should give it a chance or skip it all together.

I’m Kevin Studer. I’m 26-years-old and read, watch and listen to almost everything. And I’m here to give you my opinions. No review will be longer than 140 words, which will give you the quick info you need to make a decision. They’ll be on everything that has been out for a while and you’ve been told about, but haven’t gotten to.

Welcome to the Not So New Review.