Music: Two-Player Game

Released: May 11, 2018

By: Joe Iconis & George Salazar

Composer Joe Iconis and theater actor George Salazar combine forces to release Two-Player Game.

Salazar fantastically controls his voice. You can hear every emotion he – or the character he’s playing – feels. He controls his belts and riffs and impressively flows between his chest and head voice.

Iconis’ songs are beautifully written. Three come from Be More Chill – a musical fully composed by Iconis that features Salazar in a supporting role. As in the musical, “Michael in the Bathroom” is a standout that demonstrates Salazar’s vocal and acting abilities as he portrays an anxiety-ridden character.

The other two standouts come from Iconis’ contributions to NBC’s second season of Smash. “Broadway, Here I Come!” and “The Goodbye Song” – both performed by Jeremy Jordan onscreen – are tender songs that have both a quietness and power to them.

Final say: An impressively beautiful collaboration. ★★★★★

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