Theater: Be More Chill

Opened: March 10, 2019

Book by: Joe Tracz

Music & Lyrics by: Joe Iconis

Original Broadway Cast: Will Roland, George Salazar, Stephanie Hsu, Jason Tam, Katlyn Carlson, Lauren Marcus, Gerard Canonico, Tiffany Mann, Britton Smith & Jason SweetTooth Williams

A modern musical showing the pressure teenagers face with fitting in at school, Be More Chill doesn’t quite have the heart of a Dear Evan Hansen but has a different premise than anything seen onstage.

Jeremy Heere (Will Roland) and his best friend Michael Mell (George Salazar) are loners at school, but Jeremy wishes he could be more. When he learns of a pill that’ll help you navigate life, he takes it and finds his life changed by the SQUIP (Jason Tam).

Though a supporting role, Salazar creates a memorable character whose big number in the second act – “Michael in the Bathroom” – is not only one of the best acted performances onstage, but also just a song that everyone can relate to even if they don’t identify with his character.

Final say: Trippy and not for everyone, but so honest. ★★★★☆

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