Book: Love, Creekwood

Book four of the Simonverse Novels series

Originally Published: June 30, 2020

By: Becky Albertalli

Set in between the events of senior year of high school in Leah on the Offbeat and sophomore year of college in Love, Victor, all of your favorite characters from the Simonverse return once more in Love, Creekwood.

Simon and his friends are off to college with Simon and Bram apart in Philadelphia and New York, respectively, while Leah and Abby share an apartment in Georgia. The gang starts up emailing again to keep in touch over their first year separated.

Albertalli is a master when it comes to writing teenage love. The two main relationships are swoon-worthy and accurately represent separation anxiety.

There’s a loss of narrative with the emails being the only text, but it makes it more personal and exciting that you find out things in a second-hand experience.

Final say: Love is a dangerous four-letter word. ★★★★★

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