Music: Where the Sky Ends

Released: June 17, 2014

By: Michael Mott

Featuring: Justin Guarini, Zachary Levi, Sierra Boggess, Bryan Terrell Clark, Laura Osnes, Jeremy Jordan, Josh Young, Orfeh, Jacqueline Petroccia, Ben Fankhauser, Shauna Goodgold, Bruce Landy & Lindsay Rider

Musical theater composer Michael Mott employs the talent of some of Broadway’s top stars to perform his original songs on Where the Sky Ends.

Unfortunately, despite strong vocalists, the album’s limited production value makes it sound more like a cabaret performance at some type of jazz club. None of the songs have a strong hold or seem like they could fit into an actual musical.

However, the songs are elevated by those performing them. “Dare to Dream” reunites Bonnie & Clyde leads Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes who continually complement each other and do so here. Jordan’s Newsies costar Ben Fankhauser gives the best performance on the album with “Gone.” His smooth vocals and ability to portray emotions will draw you into the song.

Final say: Despite some catchy lyrics, this album fails to hold an audience. ★★☆☆☆

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