Theater: Bonnie & Clyde

Opened: December 1, 2011

Book by: Ivan Menchell

Music by: Frank Wildhorn

Lyrics by: Don Black

Original Broadway Cast: Laura Osnes, Jeremy Jordan, Melissa Van Der Schyff, Claybourne Elder, Joe Hart, Louis Hobson, Talon Ackerman, Leslie Becker, Mimi Bessette, Alison Cimmet, Daniel Cooney, Jon Fletcher, Kelsey Fowler, Victor Hernandez, Michael Lanning, Garrett Long, Matt Lutz, Marissa McGowan & Tad Wilson

Two of America’s most famous murderers – Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow – come to life in this musical based on their short life and bloody end.

Bonnie (Laura Osnes) wants to become a movie star, while Clyde (Jeremy Jordan) wants to become as big as Al Capone. When the two meet, an instant connection occurs. In order to get to Hollywood, they decide to rob a few banks, but everything changes when Clyde kills a man.

Osnes and Jordan are electric as lovers and look like they’re plucked out of the time period. Their passion is intense and their voices are edgy enough to make the songs soar. However, what they do best – especially Osnes – is bring humanity to the characters that are so often just seen for the bad they did.

Final say: A musical that didn’t last long enough. ★★★★☆

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