Theater: Twisted

Opened: July 4, 2013

Book by: Matt Lang, Nick Lang & Eric Kahn Gale

Music by: A.J. Holmes

Lyrics by: Kaley McMahon

Original Chicago Cast: Dylan Saunders, Rachael Soglin, Jeff Blim, Meredith Stepien, Joe Walker, Nick Gage, Jim Povolo, Lauren Lopez, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Denise Donovan, Robert Manion & Alex Paul 

StarKid Productions love a musical comedy parody and Twisted is right up their alley as a combination of Disney’s Aladdin and the ever-popular Wicked.

Retelling the story of Aladdin (Jeff Blim) from Ja’far’s (Dylan Saunders) point of view, it’s clear the Ja’far was hardly the villain in the story. Ja’far fought for what he thought was right and when working for a government who wouldn’t hear him out, he devised his own plan.

Following the Disney plot well, the show gives a new look at the demoralized Aladdin and the shallow Jasmine (Rachael Soglin), while giving you a soft spot for Ja’far.

The best parts of the show are Jim Povolo as the straightforward Captain who blames everything on Ja’far and “Twisted” in which many Disney villains agree that they’re misunderstood.

Final say: A parody well worth it. ★★★★☆

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