Theater: Aladdin

Opened: March 20, 2014

Book by: Chad Beguelin

Music by: Alan Menken

Lyrics by: Howard Ashman, Tim Rice & Chad Beguelin

Original Broadway Cast: Adam Jacobs, Jonathan Freeman, James Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed, Brian Gonzales, Brandon O’Neill, Jonathan Schwartz, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera, Tia Altinay, Andrew Cao, Yurel Echezarreta, Daisy Hobbs, Adam Kaokept, Nikki Long, Stanley Martin, Brandt Martinez, Rhea Patterson, Bobby Pestka, Ariel Reid, Trent Saunders, Jaz Sealey, Dennis Stowe, Marisha Wallace, Bud Weber, Donald Jones Jr., Joshua Dela Cruz & Khori Michelle Petinaud

The Disney classic lands soars onto Broadway.

Street rat Aladdin (Adam Jacobs) falls in love with Princess Jasmine (Courtney Reed) as she flees the palace. With the help of a magic genie (James Monroe Iglehart), Aladdin must fake his way as a prince in order to win her hand.

Watching the cast of this show was such a treat. Iglehart bursts with energy as the beloved Genie. His take on “Friend Like Me” easily goes down as one of the best Broadway performances of all time. Original film voice actor Jonathan Freeman portrays Jafar. It’s wonderful to see this dastardly villain’s role get expanded.

One of the best moments of the show is “A Whole New World.” While we lose elements like the animals Iago and Abu, the magic carpet ride remains in tact.

Final say: A whole new adventure. ★★★☆☆

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