Theater: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – Los Angeles Revival

Opened: April 28, 2022

Book by: Edward Albee

Los Angeles Revival Cast: Calista Flockhart, Zachary Quinto, Graham Phillips & Aimee Carrero

Over three acts, audiences get to watch a couple so wild that it’s no surprise that it’s had so many revivals since it opened in 1962.

George (Zachary Quinto) is a history professor at a college where his wife Martha’s (Calista Flockhart) father is president. They invite new biology professor Nick (Graham Phillips) and his wife Honey (Aimee Carrero) over where tensions arise.

Flockhart is a marvel. She has a commanding presence and shows great control when switching between a sexy, flirty persona and totally losing control while drunk. Though it’s fun to watch her spar with Quinto, it’s more interesting watching Phillips’ Nick give in to her allure.

With one set, it almost becomes more about what you don’t see when the characters leave the stage rather than what you do see.

Final say: Not afraid, but enthralled. ★★★★★

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