TV: Dickinson – Season 2

Premiered: January 8, 2021

On: Apple TV+

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, Adrian Enscoe, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt, Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss, Chinaza Uche, Samuel Farnsworth, Darlene Hunt, Gus Birney, Sophie Zucker, Allegra Heart, Kevin Yee, Jessica Hecht, Finn Jones, Pico Alexander, Will Pullen & Ayo Edebiri

While still maintaining hilarious and layered performances from most of its lead cast, the second season of Dickinson falters with a few key players.

Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) gets her chance to be a published writer when Springfield Republican editor Samuel Bowles (Finn Jones) takes an interest in her writing. Austin (Adrian Enscoe) and Sue (Ella Hunt) disagree on their future, while Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov) finds romance with Ship (Pico Alexander).

What made the first season so unique was the period piece styling with modern language and comedy. Though that’s upheld, there are times it feels too forced. Most often it can be seen with Ship, who’s a fun new character but grows annoying quickly.

Steinfeld’s Dickinson is a delight, which is good because her main relationships become sour with Sue having little personality and Samuel overpowering.

Final say: Needs editing. ★★★☆☆

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