Music: Homecoming! – EP

Released: March 10, 2022

By: Mad Tsai

After gaining popularity on TikTok with his viral song “Boy Bi,” Mad Tsai is the bi male artist that we needed.

Despite LGBTQ+ rights and people continually seeing more acceptance, especially by the younger generation, there is a ton of bi erasure and sexuality is still a tough subject with Asian men. However, Tsai breaks these barriers.

“Stupid Games” is a standout showing the fear of trying to flirt with someone but not knowing where they stand with their sexuality. It’s a tough subject that gay and bi men don’t bring up often.

Other than sexuality, Tsai also speaks about loneliness and being a friend that never seems to be the most important one on “That Friend.” It’s a heartbreaking song that many can relate to, especially in this social media age.

Final say: Groundbreaking debut. ★★★★★

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