TV: Canada’s Drag Race – Season 1

Premiered: July 2, 2020

On: Crave

Starring: Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Stacey McKenzie, Evan Boutsov, Ming Yao, Seth Falk, Travis L’Henaff, Eric Timm, Michael Chung, Riley Duster, Kai Gbamanja, Mina Gerges, Lucas Kitteridge, Priyanka, Rita Baga, Scarlett BoBo, Jimbo, Lemon, Ilona Verley, BOA, Kiara, Tynomi Banks, Anastarzia Anaquway, Kyne & Juice Boxx

Guest Hosts: Elisha Cuthbert, Jade Hassouné, Deborah Cox, Evan Biddell, Mary Walsh, Tom Green, Allie X, Amanda Brugel, Michelle Visage & Traci Melchor

Welcoming queens of the north, Canada’s Drag Race is extremely chaotic in the best way possible.

Twelve queens from Canada compete for judges and mentors model Stacey McKenzie, actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes.

In the first English-language iteration to not feature RuPaul as host, the format is odd with not having a standard host and instead having a guest host weekly – with some doing better than others. It would make sense to have Hytes as the exclusive host and put the guests back in a judging position.

The contestants are wild. Jimbo is crazy, Priyanka has the most energy, Lemon is a self-designated rapstress, Rita Baga is quiet yet powerful and BOA proves to be very versatile despite other contestants’ shock at her appearance.

Final say: Canada has global power. ★★★★☆

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