Theater: & Juliet

Opened: November 17, 2022

Book by: David West Read

Music & Lyrics by: Max Martin

Original Broadway Cast: Lorna Courtney, Paulo Szot, Betsy Wolfe, Stark Sands, Justin David Sullivan, Melanie La Barrie, Ben Jackson Walker, Philippe Arroyo, Brandon Antonio, Michael Iván Carter, Nico DeJesus, Nicholas Edwards, Virgil Gadson, Bobby Horner, Joomin Hwang, Megan Kane, Alaina Vi Maderal, Daniel J. Maldonado, Joe Moeller, Brittany Nicholas, Veronica Otim, Jasmine Rafael, Matt Raffy, Tiernan Tunnicliffe & Rachel Webb

Featuring the songs of pop hitmaker Max Martin, & Juliet is a jukebox musical that’s not just the most fun you’ll have on Broadway but also redefines what a jukebox musical is.

After William Shakespeare (Stark Sands) reveals the end of his play Romeo & Juliet, his wife Anne Hathaway (Betsy Wolfe) dares to consider an ending where Juliet (Lorna Courtney) doesn’t kill herself when she wakes up to find Romeo (Ben Jackson Walker) dead.

Unlike many jukebox musicals (namely Moulin Rouge!), the pop songs aren’t smashed into the point where the storyline feels like it’s being lead places just for the songs. Courtney and Wolfe both sound incredible and their voices fill the theater to the rafters.

There’s also a wonderfully handled storyline featuring the non-binary May (Justin David Sullivan) with touching moments.

Final say: Juliet lives on. ★★★★★

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