Film: The Curse of La Llorona

Opened: April 19, 2019

Directed by: Michael Chaves

Starring: Linda Cardellini, Cristian Caingin, Roman Christou, Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen, Raymond Cruz, Patricia Velásquez, Marisol Ramirez, Sean Patrick Thomas & Tony Amendola

Based in the same universe as The Conjuring, this tale of “The Weeping Woman” provides a few chills but can’t hold up to its predecessors.

Social worker Anna Tate-Garcia (Linda Cardellini) is investigating the family life of Patricia (Patricia Velásquez) and her two sons, whom are being put in terrible conditions. When the boys are taken away from Patricia, they are soon found drowned in a river. Patricia blames Anna and begs for La Llorona (Marisol Ramirez) to return her children and take Anna’s.

The film benefits majorly from an incredible performance from the always dependable Cardellini. Her long-standing career provides her with the acting chops needed to keep this film from falling into a dismal place.

If you’ve seen the other Conjuring films, you can just rewatch those again.

Final say: This movie may be cursed. ★★☆☆☆

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