Music: Red (Taylor’s Version)

Released: November 12, 2021

By: Taylor Swift

In her second re-recorded album, Swift jumps four years into the future and skips over an album to go from Fearless to Red. When it was released, Red was an interesting experiment for Swift as it deeply distanced her from country. Now, we get to look at Red and fully understand why that departure was needed.

Red features all of the originals and gives us many new recordings. Two of the best are “Better Man” and “Babe,” both of which had made it to airwaves before but by country groups Little Big Town and Sugarland, respectively.

Though, everyone was anticipating the 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” which breaks down the tumultuous relationship Swift had with Jake Gyllenhaal. And Swift did not disappoint. The storytelling within the lyrics is fantastically done.

Final say: So glad she decided to begin again. ★★★★★

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