Theater: Head Over Heels – Pasadena Playhouse

Opened: November 9, 2021

Book by: Jeff Whitty & James Magruder

Original Pasadena Playhouse Cast: Alaska Thunderfuck, Lea DeLaria, Yurel Echezarreta, Tiffany Mann, George Salazar, Emily Skeggs, Shanice Williams & Freddie

This new, condensed production of Head Over Heels is great if you’re looking for fun and to sing along to The Go-Go’s. But if you’re looking for substance, you should get up and go.

When the kingdom of Arcadia loses its “Beat,” King Basilius (Lea DeLaria) is given four dark prophecies by an oracle (Freddie) that he tries to avoid.

The orchestra of the Pasadena Playhouse was ripped up to allow for platforms to be put on the floor surrounded by areas where the audience could sing and dance along, which makes it more of a club show.

While the cast is great – Alaska steals the stage every time she’s on and Tiffany Mann and George Salazar have killer vocals – their cut dialogue removes all chemistry.

Final say: Their heaven is not a place on this earth. ★★★☆☆

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