Book: Crooked House

Originally Published: March 23, 1949

By: Agatha Christie

Another family murder mystery from the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, Crooked House is a fun puzzle that will have you guessing until the end.

The Leonides family lives together under the same roof with patriarch Aristide at the head. One night, Aristide is poisoned by his own eye medicine. Chief Inspector Taverner and Charles Hayward – the fiancé to Aristide’s granddaughter Sophia – both head up the case.

Christie continues to give many reasons as to why anyone could be the killer, and even if you suspect you know who did it before the end, there’s such joy in the journey to the reveal.

Aristide’s young widow Brenda and her lover Laurence seem like viable killers but end up having great and sad development in their storyline.

Final say: They love each other, but they don’t like each other. ★★★★☆

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