Theater: Medicine – Off-Broadway

Opened: November 11, 2021

Book by: Enda Walsh

Original Off-Broadway Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Clare Barrett, Aoife Duffin & Seán Carpio

Domhnall Gleeson gives a breathtaking performance that will cut you to your core in Enda Walsh’s new show Medicine.

John Kane (Gleeson) enters a messy hospital common room that was used for a staff party. Its disarray discomforts him. John is soon joined by two Marys (Clare Barrett and Aoife Duffin) who help him tell stories of his past while also giving notes.

It’s never fully explained how John ended up in the hospital or how long he’s been there, but that doesn’t seem to matter. There’s a gut-wrenching sorrow you’ll feel that will keep you drawn to his character.

While Barrett and Duffin are entertaining, their interruptions of John will frustrate you – as it frustrates him – because you want to see Gleeson continue his stellar monologues.

Final say: A wild ride, but one worth taking. ★★★★☆

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