TV: Euphoria – Special Episode: Rue

Premiered: December 6, 2020


Starring: Zendaya, Colman Domingo, Hunter Schafer & Marsha Gambles

In the first of two episodes bridging seasons one and two of Euphoria, Zendaya and Colman Domingo fantastically create a compelling conversation in an intimate setting.

After Jules (Hunter Schafer) leaves Rue (Zendaya) at the train station, Rue begins using drugs again. On Christmas Eve, she meets with her sponsor Ali (Domingo) at a diner where the two speak about addiction, love and the future.

There’s little action in this episode. Rue and Ali remain in a booth for the majority of the duration. Ali’s life experience helps him speak about what the future can hold, though the unflinching Rue has a more pessimistic look at things.

Domingo, who gets a majority of the dialogue, entrances with the wisdom coming out of him, but you still get the glimpses of a broken man.

Final say: Stellar writing and delivery. ★★★★★

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