Theater: A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet – Off-Broadway

Opened: September 27, 2021

Book, Music & Lyrics by: Alex Wyse & Ben Fankhauser

Original Off-Broadway Cast: Bryonha Marie Parham, Ben Fankhauser & Alex Wyse

First time writers Alex Wyse and Ben Fankhauser show promise with their first musical, though there’s still a lot to be developed.

Former pop star Regina Comet (Bryonha Marie Parham) is trying to revitalize her career by releasing a fragrance with a hit song attached to its commercial. She hires a cheap pair of inexperienced songwriters (Wyse & Fankhauser) who begin to have their friendship break down as the pressure mounts.

Wyse and Fankhauser – both Broadway actors – create a fun show that has many great moments of laughter, but it doesn’t have any truly memorable moments or songs. And it may be Parham’s character choice, but Regina never seems to go below surface level and even when she does, it doesn’t seem believable.

Final say: This jingle isn’t quite stuck in our heads. ★★★☆☆

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