Theater: Wicked – Broadway Reopening

Reopened: September 14, 2021

Book by: Winnie Holzman

Music & Lyrics by: Stephen Schwartz

Broadway Reopening Cast: Lindsay PearceJennifer DiNoia, Ginna Claire Mason, Alexandra Billings, Michael McCormick, Sam Gravitte, Riley Costello, Mili Diaz, Michael X. Martin, Alyssa Fox, Brittney Johnson, Alex Aquilino, Larkin Bogan, Randy Castillo, Antonette Cohen, Meg Doherty, Hannah Florence, Dan Gleason, Josh Daniel Green, Jeff Heimbrock, Celia Hottenstein, Courtney Iventosch, Amber Jackson, Lindsay Janisse, Alison Jantzie, Colby Q. Lindeman, Chase Madigan, Micaela Martinez, Kevin Massey, Sterling Masters, Matt Meigs, Jo’nathan Michael, Dashi Mitchell, Domonique Paton, Emily Rogers, William Ryall, Travis Taber, Jeremy Thompson, Christianne Tisdale & Nicky Venditti

Let us be glad and let us be grateful that Wicked has returned to Broadway after a year and a half of being closed due to COVID-19.

Before Dorothy drops into Oz, Galinda (Ginna Claire Mason) and Elphaba (Lindsay Pearce/Jennifer DiNoia) – later known as Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West – have a complicated history. From the time they met in college to the time of the Wicked Witch’s demise, their friendship goes through trials and tribulations.

Being a staple of New York theatre since 2004, Wicked’s closure was devastating, so its return has been more than welcome. Pearce made her Broadway debut just two weeks before Broadway’s official closing and came back to reopen the show but was quickly injured and temporarily replaced by DiNoia.

Final say: It’s great to see both of them, isn’t it? ★★★★★

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