Music: Reverie

Released: August 13, 2021

By: Ben Platt

Though Ben Platt had a tough year in the film world with Dear Evan Hansen being (somewhat wrongfully) critically and commercially panned, he should be proud of his second venture into the music world with the beautifully produced Reverie.

Platt, who co-wrote every track on the album, takes you on a journey into his mind. While the “King of the World” interludes could be easily removed, his album kickstarts with the nostalgic “Childhood Bedroom.”

But it’s when he dives into romantic songs that Platt soars. “Happy to Be Sad” is a beautiful notion about realizing you’ve found love and the sadness you feel when that person isn’t around. On the opposite side is “I Wanna Love You But I Don’t,” brilliantly shows how sometimes you find someone perfect, but the emotion isn’t there.

Final say: Platt is pop perfection. ★★★★★

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