Book: Heartstopper, Vol. 2

Second book of the Heartstopper series

Originally Published: November 10, 2020

By: Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman evilly left readers on a terrible cliffhanger at the end of Heartstopper, Vol. 1, so it’s only right that she picks up right where she left off.

Charlie disappears at a party after he and Nick kiss for the first time, which leaves Nick feeling like he ruined their friendship. Charlie soon stops by and explains he’s sexually confused but likes Nick and is just trying to navigate those feelings.

Oseman features diverse representation throughout the graphic novel with characters across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. While it would’ve been easy to just make Charlie gay, she instead allows him to discover and be comfortable with his bisexuality. It comes very organically and it’s amazing to see the support Nick and Charlie have for each other throughout their journeys.

Final say: Might bring some tears to your eyes. ★★★★★

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