Theater: All About Eve – West End

Opened: February 12, 2019

Book by: Ivo van Hove

Based on the Screenplay by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Original West End Cast: Gillian Anderson, Lily James, Monica Dolan, Ian Drysdale, Tsion Habte, Jessie Mei Li, Julian Ovenden, Sheila Reid, Rhashan Stone, Stanley Townsend, Philip Voyzey, Merric Boyd, Ferjiro Emasiobi, Charles Hagerty, Chanelle Modi, Stuart Nunn, Phillipa Peak, Grace Stone & Michael Warburton

Adapting one of the greatest films of all-time into a stage play almost 70 years after its premiere allows for the work to be revisited for a new age. While Ivo van Hove’s production is successful in some ways, the energy is pulled out making the work forgetful.

Eve Harrington (Lily James) is a superfan of stage actress Margo Channing (Gillian Anderson). After meeting, Margo invites Eve into her life but slowly notices Eve taking over. As Eve begins to solidify her career, Margo questions the status of hers.

The staging set by van Hove is incredible and the use of camera, projections and mirrors allows for multiple viewpoints of the same scene. However, he makes it clear too quickly what Eve’s intentions are rather than letting the audience discover as Margo does.

Final say: All about van Hove’s style. ★★★☆☆

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