Film: Uncut Gems

Opened: December 13, 2019

Directed by: Josh Safdie & Benny Safdie

Starring: Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian, Judd Hirsch, Keith William Richards, Jonathan Aranbayev, Noa Fisher & Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye

A high stakes crime film that shows off Adam Sandler’s less comedic side, Uncut Gems is intense but fails to capture the attention of the audience.

Howard Ratner (Sandler) is a Diamond District jeweler who buys a rare black opal that he intends to put up for auction to help pay off his gambling debts, including one to his brother-in-law Arno (Eric Bogosian). Placing large bets on Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics puts Howard in a tough position.

As fantastic as some said Sandler was in his role, you don’t get lost in his character because it’s still very Adam Sandler. There are better performances from supporting actors Lakeith Stanfield & Idina Menzel.

Despite the intensity, the film seems to drag on with people constantly fighting. There’s little investment in the plot, but the ending is fantastic.

Final say: Needs polishing. ★★★☆☆

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