TV: Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall

Premiered: June 11, 1962


Starring: Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett

A few years before both catapulted into Hollywood stardom – Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins would come two years later and The Carol Burnett Show another three years after that – the duo joined together for CBS musical comedy television special, Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall.

Both perform spectacularly with the material they’re given. They each get to perform a song and monologue separately and then perform several times together. The packed “History of Musical Comedy” is full of brilliantly performed hits and ironically ends with two West Side Story songs. And when the ensemble joins in, the dancing is perfectly in sync.

However, especially now knowing the force of these women’s personalities and skills, their material seems lacking. Outside of “History of the Musical Comedy,” there’s not another standout moment in singing or acting.

Final say: A strong introduction. ★★★★☆

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