TV: Élite – Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis

Premiered: June 16, 2021

On: Netflix

Starring: Arón Piper, Jorge Clemente & Omar Ayuso

After the previous season’s struggle of Omar (Omar Ayuso) & Ander’s (Arón Piper) relationship, it is a joy to see them back together, even if they are still working through their issues.

Omar and Ander go to the hospital where Ander was going through cancer treatments to visit his friend Alexis (Jorge Clemente), who is still undergoing chemotherapy. Alexis can’t fathom why Ander would choose to come back, but Ander is determined to provide friendship.

Alexis was a minor character in season three and it’s nice to see his story expand here. The connection he and Ander share from their mutual cancer experience adds a deeper layer to the show than we’ve seen in most seasons.

Of the four short stories, this is the most well-rounded.

Final say: Many tough choices are executed well. ★★★★★

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