Book: Darius the Great is Not Okay

First book of the Darius the Great series

Originally published: August 28, 2018

By: Adib Khorram

By pulling from personal experiences, Adib Khorram gives readers a painfully beautiful look at depression and discovering yourself in his debut novel Darius the Great is Not Okay.

Darius Kellner is an average high schooler dealing with bullies, a job and disappointment from his father. When his Babou (grandfather) begins digressing from a brain tumor, his family goes on a trip to Iran where Darius learns more about his history and befriends a local boy named Sohrab.

Khorram expertly writes about depression in both Darius and his father, Stephen. Allowing it to be part of Darius but not ruling his life gives a different portrayal of depression than other young adult novels have.

Reading this novel will also expose readers to a new culture with the Farsi language, Iranian treats and landmarks.

Final say: Darius is great. ★★★★★

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