Theater: The Madness of George III – West End Revival

Opened: November 2, 2018

Book by: Alan Bennett

West End Revival Cast: Nadia Albina, Nicholas Bishop, Mark Gatiss, Debra Gillett, Amanda Hadingue, Jack Holden, David Hounslow, Stephanie Jacob, Louise Jameson, Andrew Joshi, Adam Karim, Harry Kershaw, Billy Postlethwaite, Sara Powell, Adrian Scarborough, Wilf Scolding & Jessica Temple

A fictionalized look at the later years of King George III – the same king who lost America in 1776 – Alan Bennett’s play dives into the mental illness that plagued the end of his life.

As George III’s (Mark Gatiss) mind starts deteriorating at a fast pace, his Prime Minister William Pitt (Nicholas Bishop) tries to keep up appearances. George’s son, the Prince of Wales (Wilf Scolding), threatens to undermine his father and become Prince Regent.

King George III is an incredibly tough character to portray and Gatiss takes on every challenge with strength and determination. His fall into madness and subsequent return to health is a complete 360 degree turn throughout the show and you never once question the authenticity of Gatiss’ performance.

With incredible costumes and a divine set, the stage is set for royalty.

Final say: Madly captivating. ★★★★☆

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