Film: La La Land

Opened: December 9, 2016

Directed by: Damien Chazelle

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, J. K. Simmons, Rosemarie DeWitt, Finn Wittrock, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, Jessica Rothe & Tom Everett Scott

A refreshingly new take on the movie-musical genre that’s an ode to old Hollywood, La La Land is a masterpiece of filmmaking by director Damien Chazelle and stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Mia Dolan (Stone) is a struggling actor working at the Warner Bros. backlot café who begins dating Sebastian Wilder (Gosling), a jazz artist forced to take menial gigs while saving to open his own club.

In their third film together, Stone and Gosling have undeniable chemistry and know how to play off each other. Both have specific quirks integrated into their characters that make them feel real and blurs the line between acting and being.

Musicians Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul create an incredible soundtrack featuring a modern jazz score and fun numbers that don’t push beyond the actors’ abilities.

Final say: A dream. ★★★★★

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