TV: Homeland – Season 1

Premiered: October 2, 2011

On: Showtime

Starring: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin, David Harewood, Diego Klattenhoff, Jackson Pace, Morgan Saylor, Mandy Patinkin, Jamey Sheridan, Navid Negahban, David Marciano, Maury Sterling, Afton Williamson, Amy Hargreaves, Alok Tewari, Omid Abtahi, Marin Ireland, Hrach Titizian, Sarita Choudhury, Chris Chalk, Melissa Benoist & Ramsey Faragallah

Showtime’s Homeland is an incredible political thriller that will have you doubting every character and fill you with anxiety as the drama unfurls.

Rescued as a prisoner of war, U.S. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) returns home to his wife (Morena Baccarin) and kids (Jackson Pace & Morgan Saylor). CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) believes Brody has been turned into a terrorist.

Both Danes and Lewis give incredible performances with characters who are both struggling with their mental health. Their decision-making skills are what will have you on edge as you’re never quite sure what they’ll do next.

The writers give an emotionally ground view of what it’s like to return home from war and reacclimating to society, while also showing the strain on Brody’s family who thought he was dead.

Final say: Expertly acted and written. ★★★★★

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