Book: Little Fires Everywhere

Originally Published: September 12, 2017

By: Celeste Ng

Focusing on class and race in 1990s Ohio, Celeste Ng creates a familiar world in Little Fires Everywhere that feels as if it could happen at any time in any small town.

Artist Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl move to Shaker Heights and begin renting a home from the Richardsons. Pearl becomes friends with Moody Richardson and crushes on his brother Trip, though Moody likes Pearl. Matriarch Elena hires Mia to help around her house.

There are many layers that create fantastic drama. Just in the main families, Mia and Elena go head-to-head, there’s a love triangle and both the Richardson daughters befriend a Warren. But the subplot of the McCulloughs and Bebe Chow is just as enticing.

Though there are definitely some slower parts, you still won’t want to put the book down.

Final say: Fired up. ★★★★☆

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