Film: The Three Caballeros

Opened: February 3, 1945

Directed by: Norman Ferguson, Clyde Geronimi, Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts & Harold Young

Starring: Clarence Nash, José Oliveira, Joaquin Garay, Pinto Colvig, Aurora Miranda, Dora Luz, Carmen Molina, Sterling Holloway, Frank Graham, Fred Shields, Francisco Mayorga, Nestor Amaral, Trío Calaveras, Trío Asencio del Río, Padua Hills Player & Carlos Ramírez

Disney’s response to President Franklin Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor policy towards Latin America, The Three Caballeros is infused with the region’s culture but doesn’t have enough of a story to hold up in today’s world.

On Donald Duck’s (Clarence Nash) birthday, he receives three birthday presents from his friends in Latin America: a film reel, a book and a piñata. All three show Donald different parts of Central and South American countries as he’s joined by friends José Carioca (José Oliveira) and Panchito Pistoles (Joaquin Garay).

This was the first feature-length film to combine elements of animation and live-action, which is best done in the first scene of this nature featuring Aurora Miranda singing and dancing. However, later scenes feature Donald drooling over women on the beaches in Mexico, and it feels too sexual.

Final say: Más o menos buena. ★★★☆☆

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