Music: Love Goes

Released: October 30, 2020

By: Sam Smith

Coming off a heartbreak, Sam Smith said they wanted to create an album that was sad but also made people want to dance. In Love Goes, they do just that by combining a synth heavy score with deep lyrics about life and love.

Smith starts off the album on an acapella track that blends their voice together beautifully. But the best tracks come when they reflect on themselves and their relationships. In “Another One,” they urge a former lover to be happy and treat their new partner better. However, in “Forgive Myself,” they realize that they can’t love again until they forgive themself for their part in the downfall. Both tracks are beautifully written and enhanced by Smith’s smooth vocals.

Also listen for emotion-inducing instrumentals on the Labrinth-collaboration “Love Goes.”

Final say: Love on top. ★★★★★

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