Theater: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Part Two

Opened: April 22, 2018

Book by: Jack Thorne

Music by: Imogen Heap

Broadway Replacement Cast: Brian Thomas Abraham, James Brown III, Nadia Brown, Will Carlyon, Lauren Nicole Cipoletti, Diane Davis, Patrick Du Laney, Sara Farb, Jonathan Gordon, Steve Haggard, Edward James Hyland, Chris Jarman, Jenny Jules, Eva Kaminsky, Joey Labrasca, Matt Mueller, Sarita Amani Nash, Nicholas Podany, Fiona Reid, Kevin Matthew Reyes, Jonno Roberts, Stephen Spinella, Paul Thornley, Bubba Weiler, Karen Janes Woditsch, Jack Pravda, Makayla Joy Connolly, Aarant Bartz, Stephen Bradbury, Kimberly Dodson, Jack Koenig, Rachel Lesloe, Katherine Reis, Antoinette Robinson, James Romney, Tom Patrick Stephens, Erica Sweany & Alex Weisman

The adventures continue in Part Two of The Cursed Child and while the script itself is underwhelming – actually almost fanfiction – the performance and action is enough to hold your attention and prove better than Part One.

After briefly setting off an alternate universe, Scorpius (Bubba Weiler) and Albus (Nicholas Podany) learn that Delphi (Sara Farb) is not whom she claims to be. When Harry (Steve Haggard) begins hearing Voldemort’s (Stephen Spinella) voice again, he and his son have to team up to take down the dark forces around them.

Harry has some great character development in this part where you get to see the lasting effects of the PTSD he has from his time fighting Voldemort. Haggard shows great emotion that shatters toxic masculinity.

Final say: A crazy story that you won’t believe but a dazzling show. ★★★★☆

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