TV: Cheers – Season 2

Premiered: September 29, 1983


Starring: Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Nicholas Colasanto, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, George Wendt, Al Rosen, Alan Koss, Tim Cunningham, Steve Giannelli, Paul Vaughn, Dan Hedaya, Jean Kasem & Christopher Lloyd

In its second season, Cheers finally leaves the bar with Diane’s (Shelly Long) as another location. While expansion is nice, some of the charm is missing.

Sam (Ted Danson) and Diane enter into a relationship after sharing a kiss. Their constant arguing leaves them in a dangerous position. Carla (Rhea Perlman) deals with a new baby and her ex-husband (Dan Hedaya) getting remarried. Norm (George Wendt) loses his job and wife.

Danson and Long are great scene partners who play off each other well. Some of the best moments feature their jokes at each other’s expense. And while you will root for them, it’s clear that they’re not meant to be.

The show does hit some important notes ahead of its time about breastfeeding in public and sexual harassment at work.

Final say: Go where everybody knows your name. ★★★★☆

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