Film: United 93

Opened: April 28, 2006

Directed by: Paul Greengrass

Starring: Christian Clemenson, Cheyenne Jackson, David Alan Basche, Peter Hermann, Daniel Sauli, Trish Gates, Corey Johnson, Richard Bekins, Michael J. Reynolds, Khalid Abdalla, Lewis Alsamari, Jamie Harding, Omar Berdouni, Opal Alladin, Nancy McDoniel, Peter Marinker, David Rasche, J. J. Johnson, Gary Commock, Polly Adams, Chip Zien, Erich Redman, Kate Jennings Grant, Starla Benford, Simon Poland, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Jodie Lynne McClintock, Marceline Hugot, Rebecca Schull, Ray Charleson, Tom O’Rourke, Becky London, John Rothman, Libby Morris, Denny Dillon, Susan Blommaert, Tara Hugo, Lorna Dallas, Masato Kamo, Liza Colón-Zayas, Olivia Thirlby, Leigh Zimmerman, Joe Jamrog, Chloe Sierne, Patrick St. Esprit, Thomas Roberts, Ben Sliney, Tobin Miller, Rich Sullivan, Tony Smith, James Fox, Shawna Fox, Jeremy Powell, Curt Applegate, Greg Callahan & Rick Tepper

Supported by the families of the victims and featuring some of the real-life people on the ground, United 93 is a devastating, yet sensitive tribute to those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

United Airlines Flight 93 leaves Newark International Airport intending to land at San Francisco International Airport. Shortly after the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are hit by planes, four hijackers (Khalid Abdalla, Lewis Alsamari, Jamie Harding & Omar Berdouni) take over the flight to crash it into the U.S. Capitol.

This film is intense and could be triggering to those affected by the attacks on that day. However, it shows the heroism that took place by civilians on the plane who knew how many more lives would be lost if they didn’t fight back. It’s tragic, but important to remember.

Final say: Tremendous storytelling and filming. ★★★★★

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