Music: Happiness Begins

Released: June 7, 2019

By: Jonas Brothers

A decade after the release of their previous studio album and with a breakup and reconciliation in tow, Happiness Begins shows a new and grown-up side of the Jonas Brothers.

Throughout their time apart, the brothers – especially Joe and Nick in their separate projects – were able to experiment with new sounds that drifted away from the Disney-fied brand that had once consumed their music. This album blends a new style of pop with reggae fusion making a unique sound.

In most of the songs, you can feel their belief in their new style and lyrics. “Sucker” is a great lead single that’s catchy and upbeat with a certain sophistication. And songs like “Don’t Throw It Away” show their emotional evolvement in fighting for relationships that matter.

Final say: Top to the bottom, just cool. ★★★★★

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