TV: Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

Premiered: April 1, 2018


Starring: John Legend, Sara Bareilles, Brandon Victor Dixon, Alice Cooper, Norm Lewis, Ben Daniels, Jason Tam, Jin Ha & Erik Grönwall

Premiering on Easter Sunday in 2018, Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert is the televised version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical that tells the story of Jesus Christ’s last days.

Judas Iscariot (Brandon Victor Dixon) worries that Jesus (John Legend) cares too much about the adoration of his followers rather than helping those in need. He also objects to the presence of Mary Magdalene (Sara Bareilles), so he turns against Jesus.

Sung almost straight through, the plot of the show is a bit hard to follow, especially if you don’t know the stories. However, once you realize what’s happening, the show is incredible.

Dixon gives an explosive performance and outshines his Grammy nominated and winning counterparts. He gives his absolute all and helps make this one of the best of all live productions.

Final say: Superstar performances. ★★★★★

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