Book: The Land of Stories – Worlds Collide

Sixth Book of The Land of Stories series

Originally Published: July 11, 2017

By: Chris Colfer

This series has given new life to characters we’ve grown up with and now author Chris Colfer is placing them in the ultimate battle.

With both the heroes and villains of The Land of Stories able to come into our world, Alex and Conner must lead an army to defeat the villains and save the human race. When Alex goes missing, Conner’s leadership is tested without his twin by his side.

Over the last few novels, a war has been brewing and it’s satisfying to see the payoff here. There have been many characters previously introduced, which was somewhat hard to keep up with, but everyone plays their part.

Colfer has continually had an interesting approach to the fairytale characters and it’s sad to see their stories come to an end.

Final say: A thrilling end to an imaginative series. ★★★★★

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