Music: Sing to Me Instead

Released: March 29, 2019

By: Ben Platt

Tony winner and Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt releases his debut solo album Sing to Me Instead, which continually proves why he’s one of the most popular actors and singers around.

In every song, Platt creates a character and allows the audience listening to fall deep into their mind. His music doesn’t create an album, it creates an experience.

You’ll feel it when he’s stuck in love – even if he knows he shouldn’t be like in the lead single “Bad Habit.” One of the other highlights is “Share Your Address,” in which he tells his boyfriend that he wants to move in despite a short dating period. The joy he has about the love he’s in is infectious and you’ll find yourself smiling throughout the song.

Final say: It’s an emotional rollercoaster you’ll want to keep riding. ★★★★★

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