Book: The Land of Stories – An Author’s Odyssey

Fifth Book of The Land of Stories series

Originally Published: July 12, 2016

By: Chris Colfer

In the penultimate story of The Land of Stories, author Chris Colfer brings original characters to life through the eyes of the characters we’ve come to love.

Now that the Masked Man has created the ultimate literary army, Conner needs to recruit an army of his own. He uses the short stories he’s written to meet his own characters and bring them into the battle.

The plot has entered an inception. Conner wrote his own short stories, which are incredible and demonstrate the growth of his character as the Land of Stories has affected him. Then he goes into them. Thinking about an author meeting a character they’ve written is emotional.

Colfer doesn’t disappoint and builds up to the final battle that’s yet to come.

Final say: Makes you nervous for the end. ★★★★☆

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