Music: Cry Pretty

Released: September 14, 2018

By: Carrie Underwood

Prior to releasing this album, Carrie Underwood hit a couple personal bumps in the road. Her pain and learning from these can be felt in each song on what’s easily her best album since her 2005 debut Some Hearts.

The lead single and title song of the album, “Cry Pretty” is an emotional rollercoaster. For context, Underwood had suffered miscarriages and had taken a fall onstage, which she needed facial stitches for. She takes her suffering and puts into a beautiful song that connects with listeners.

Underwood also has several songs that allow her to break out of the shell of her previous releases. She ups the fun with “Southbound,”, which is more dance-worthy than any of her other songs, while “The Champion” is a fighter’s anthem which features a rap from Ludacris.

Final say: Better than ever. ★★★★★

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