Music: Some Hearts

Released: November 15, 2005

By: Carrie Underwood

From the moment she walked into her American Idol audition, it was clear that Carrie Underwood meant to be a star. This album validates my thoughts that they could have called off the fourth season after she appeared.

Underwood became a country queen with three singles hitting number one on the US Country charts and a fourth reaching number two. She can easily go from beautifully emotional ballads, like lead single “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” to edgier, almost-rock songs like “Before He Cheats,” the latter of which blew up country and pop charts alike.

All of the songs on the album share some kind of story, including two that really cater to the then-22-year-old. “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” is a tearjerker about her leaving her mom to pursue her dreams and “We’re Young and Beautiful” is an upbeat song about having fun in the prime of her life.

Final say: Some Hearts will capture all hearts. ★★★★★

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