Theater: Angels in America: Millennium Approaches – West End Revival

Opened: April 11, 2017

Book by: Tony Kushner

West End Revival Cast: Andrew Garfield, Nathan Lane, Denise Gough, Russell Tovey, Stuart Angell, Susan Brown, Laura Caldow, Amanda Lawrence, James McArdle, Becky Namgauds, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Stan West & Lewis Wilkins

Tony Kushner’s modern masterpiece of how the AIDS crisis affects and connects several people in New York City makes a triumphant return to the West End stage.

When Prior Walter (Andrew Garfield) tells his boyfriend Louis Ironson (James McArdle) that he has AIDS and is dying, Louis cannot handle the truth. Joe Pitt (Russell Tovey) is struggling with his sexual identity and his pill-addicted wife Harper (Denise Gough) while working for Roy Cohn (Nathan Lane), who has HIV/AIDS.

Garfield gives a harrowing performance that will pull you away from reality and feel the suffering of his character. He’s amazingly campy, but hits all of the right notes when it comes to Prior’s sickness and abandonment.

The entire production is visceral. Ian MacNeil’s brilliant set design allows for stunning transitions accompanied by Adrian Sutton’s powerful music.

Final say: Incredibly brilliant. ★★★★★

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