Music: Always In Between

Released: October 12, 2018

By: Jess Glynne

In the second studio album by Jess Glynne, she lays her heart out on the line with upbeat pop and dance music.

The one time the artist slips up is right at the start. While most of her songs are about love – both for others and for herself – “No One” is about how she’d be no one without someone. While we’re in a movement now that’s all about standing up and believing in yourself, a song talking about being worthless on your own doesn’t start well.

However, from there, the music gets much better. Glynne has a sound all her own. Her music combines funk and disco into a modern sound that will have listeners on their feet. “All I Am” and “I’ll Be There” are about supporting the ones you love.

Final say: Brings a smile to your face. ★★★★☆

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