Theater: Dirty Dancing – National Tour

Opened: August 21, 2014

Book by: Eleanor Bergstein

National Tour Replacement Cast: Christopher Tierney, Rachel Boone, Doug Carpenter, Jesse Carrey-Beaver, Jerome Harmann-Hardeman, Gary Lynch, Herman Petras, Alex Scolari, Margot White, Mark Elliot Wilson, Jenny Winton, John Anthony, Rachel Marie Bell, Danielle Diniz, Sally Glaze, Jennifer Jones, Terace Jones, Mark MacKillop, Kevin Mylrea, Michael Thomas Pugliese, Alana Randall, Benjamin Rivera, Sean Rozanski, Adrienne Walker & Devan Watring

Taking the hit 1987 film off the screen and putting it on the stage is a good idea, but the show doesn’t have enough originality to make it less than an imposter.

While accompanying her family to a resort for the summer, Baby (Rachel Boone) becomes friends with the younger staff. She quickly falls for dancer Johnny (Christopher Tierney), which leads to a hot summer romance.

There’s no denying the dancing in this show is amazing. It should be, but there’s a lack of emotion between the leads that drove the story in the film. In addition, cheap, minimal sets that rely on a TV wall in the background ruins the atmosphere.

It’s not that the show isn’t fun to watch. You’ll enjoy it, but you’ll be wishing you’d stayed home with the movie.

Final say: Skip it. ★★☆☆☆

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