Book: Becoming

Originally Published: November 13, 2018

By: Michelle Obama

In a hundred years from now, Michelle Obama will still be known as one of the greatest first ladies of all time. She has a spirit that’s undeniable and you feel it in every page.

Obama tells stories about when she was young and living in South Side, Chicago. She takes you through meeting future-husband Barack and losing her father. As the story continues, she gets into politics and covers the eight years her husband served as President of the United States.

There’s so much heart in this novel. Learning about her upbringing and the drive she has proves the type of person we’ve come to know. You’ll sympathize when she’s talking about the safety of her daughters and how she was never a fan of politics in the first place.

Final say: Classy and smart, just like the author. ★★★★★

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