TV: Peaky Blinders – Season 1

On: BBC Two

Premiered: September 12, 2013

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Sam Neill, Annabelle Wallis, Joe Cole, Sophie Rundle, Natasha O’Keeffe, Ned Dennehy, Packy Lee, Ian Peck, Benjamin Zephaniah, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Charlie Creed-Miles, Iddo Goldberg, Tommy Flanagan, Alfie Evans-Meese, Samuel Edward-Cook, Andy Nyman, David Dawson, Tony Pitts, Kevin Metcalfe, Neil Bell, Lobo Chan, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Keith Dunphy & Kunjue Li

With incredible background music and characters that are the definition of swagger, Peaky Blinders is a television show you won’t want to miss.

Shortly after the end of the World War I, a family of gangsters in England leads the Peaky Blinders. When Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell (Sam Neill) becomes aware of the gang, he tries to stop them, but their leader Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) avoids his hand.

The accents are hard to understand with the characters sometimes speaking so fast and low that you’ll miss what they’re saying. Don’t let that deter you though, use subtitles if you have to.

Along with the music and characters, the sets, color and lighting all add to the overall style of the show that’s hard to beat.

Final say: Crime never looked so good. ★★★★☆

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